Shia Labeouf, Nike, and Samsung have got it

You can do whatever you want. Nothing is holding you back. I don’t care what excuses you think you have. Do it. Listen to Shia LaBeouf and Nike. If you just sit there on the couch and only dream as far as the giant screen in front of you nothing is ever going to happen. Look outside and shoot for the moon. Aim for the stars beyond and never look back. When you look so far forward, so much further than anyone else, even your failures will be greater than their success.

I don’t know why this isn’t being preached everywhere. Why are so many students, kids, teens, college students, and people stuck in their jobs being told that they won’t ever achieve greatness or make a difference? Its like the people talking down to the dreamers just want power, or maybe they’re scared of what the dreamers could actually do. They see the potential and they want to squash it because they never used their potential and now they regret it, and we know how I feel about potential. 

Articles by major news outlets are saying that your son or daughter will never make it as a YouTuber. The company itself is making it more difficult to succeed. Instagram caters to those with high likes and engagement. Vero comes out in the hopes of actually only promoting quality content. Like it or not, social media changes the way we view others and is here to stay.

But what’s next?

What will someone dream tonight that will change the world tomorrow? Who will do it? It could be the child that just got suspended for never completing work and talking back to teachers. It could also be the straight A student who followed all the rules. Funny thing is that too often we lose track of those rule followers. They peak in academics and then lose traction after school because there aren’t any rules in adulthood. 

Do what you want. Do what others aren’t. Create for the world your vision on paper, screen, walls, leaves, storefronts, sky. It doesn’t matter the medium. Get your dream out there because no one is going to do it for you. 

I’m sick of middle ground thinking. Let’s start a revolution of high dreamers who won’t be stopped. Hop on the train of Samsung’s “Do what you can’t” campaign. The world has plenty of complacent sheep so don’t be one. No area will advance if we look at it with a fake smile and say it is just okay where it stands. Ideas only advance if people put their minds to it and do the work which builds the dream. 

Build your dream. I want to read books about you someday. I want to hear about you on the news. I want to use your product in my home. Fail along the way and see those failures as success because no one else is doing what you are. You are the only one who can change the world in the way you want.