We are meant to connect with people

We are meant to connect with people.

There is research out there that talks about every person is only able to maintain one hundred fifty different relationships. Beyond that we stretch ourselves too thin and lose contact with people or don’t know each other that well.

The better way to think about this is that you have the capability to touch the lives of one hundred fifty different people without even trying. All you have to do is know them. You can mean the world to all these people, change their lives, be there for them, smile with them, and share in their sorrows. 

Connecting on these levels creates this bond. Know one can see it, but you just know when it’s there. It’s the moment you’re talking to someone about their passion and their eyes light up. You smile because your friend is talking with such conviction about what they care about; the thing they believe in with their whole heart. 

The bond shows up when you reach out and message someone to which they reply “I was just about to message you too!” Or when you call a dear friend to catch up and all of a sudden you talked for six hours. 

Supposedly humans are actually able to share and receive brain waves. I’ll say it again. You are able to receive wireless, touchless, biological waves from other humans. I feel this the most at a red light when you can just feel someone looking at you from their car. You didn’t even know that person. So how much more powerful is the connection between someone you’ve known your whole life, or someone you instantly click with, or someone who you’ve had a heart to heart with. 

We all go through life creating this web of connections.

In the center of the web is you. Then branching out are the people you’ve known since you were born. Attached to them are your first friends, your first educators, and your first experiences in the world. The web keeps growing through life. Sure you might lose contact with some people close to the center to make the way for people towards the outside, but you can always go back and repair that connection. 

The key is to always at least be connected to someone. Solitude is powerful, yes. It is useful, yes. And for some people it isn’t an option, they crave it. But too much solitude puts a person too deep in their head. They lose touch of how to smile upon someone, how to make a new connection, and maintain others. 

This whole connectedness idea is only furthered by social media. It is so easy to make new friends and rekindle old relationships. You can reach out to someone across the globe and create a bond between that person without ever meeting them. Yes, there are negative side effects and incorrect uses of social media, but it is such a powerful and amazing tool to live with. It allows us humans to share each others experience. The whole connectedness principal explains why we want followings, why vlogging is a legitimate career, and why almost every social media has a messaging service.

Keep up your web. Create a bond. Look into someone’s eyes and smile. Listen. Find someone’s passion and ask them about it. Make connections to those around you. Sharing freely of your experiences and listening to others is powerful. Use it.